Published: March 1st, 2016
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Over the course of his career, Jack Cady won the Bram Stoker Award, the Nebula Award, the World Fantasy Award, a special award from the International Horror Guild, the Atlantic Monthly "First" award, the Iowa Prize for Short Fiction, the National Library Anthology Award, and the Washington State Governor's Award. Cady's keen and profound insight into the collective psyche of the modern world—both from a narrative standpoint and from a critical cultural analysis—are captured in this collection.

Fathoms, the second collection of Jack Cady's fiction and non-fiction, includes his Bram Stoker and Nebula Award-winning story, "The Night We Buried Road Dog," as well as the marvelous whimsy of "The Poet in the School," the haunted "Play Like I'm Sheriff," and the mercurial danger and delight of "The Curious Candy Store."

There is an endless depth to the mystery of the world, and, once again, Jack Cady takes us deep into the marvel of it all.

  • Introduction by Kristine Kathryn Rusch
  • "The Night We Buried Road Dog"
  • "Support Your Local Griffin"
  • "A Poet in the School: Or, The Mystery of the Missing Mouse"
  • "The Girl in the Orange Hat"
  • "Israel and Earnest"
  • "Halloween 1942"
  • "The Forest Ranger"
  • "The Curious Candy Store"
  • "Land"
  • "Resurrection"
  • "Daddy Dearest"
  • "The Sounds of Silence"
  • "Jeremiah"
  • "Wintering"
  • "Some Remarks on the Literature of War"
  • "Play Like I'm Sheriff"
  • "Fog"

Fathoms is the fourth volume in the Cady Collection. It was listed on the Locus Magazine 2016 Recommended Reading List.

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Jack Cady (d. 2004) was an award winning fantasist and horror writer. During his career, he won the Nebula Award, the World Fantasy Award, and the Bram Stoker Award. He taught writing at various academic institutions including the University of Washington and Pacific Lutheran University. He was a conscientious objector during the Korean War, a member of the U. S. Coast Guard in Maine, a truck driver, an auctioneer, a landscaper, and a fervent believer in the value of history as a tool to understanding both politics and writing.