Published: July 5th, 2012
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ISBN 978-0-98266-392-9
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It's 1999 and the world is falling apart at the seams. The sky is afire, the oceans are rising—and mankind is to blame. While the spoils of the 20th Century dwindle, Jack Finnegan lives on the fringes in his decaying mansion, struggling to keep his life afloat and his loved ones safe while battling that most modern of diseases—AIDS.As the New Millennium approaches, Jack's former lover, a famous photographer reveling in the world's decay, gifts him with a mysterious elixir called Fusax, a medicine rumored to cure the incurable AIDS. But soon, the "side effects" of Fusax become more apparent, and Jack gets mixed up with a bizarre entourage of rock stars, Japanese scientists, corporate executives, AIDS victims, and religious terrorists. While these larger players compete to control mankind's fate in the 21st Century, Jack is forced to choose his own role in the World's End, and how to live with it.

Originally published in 1997, Glimmering is a visionary mix of fantasy and science fiction about a world in which humanity struggles to cope with the ever-approaching "End of the End."


"After a March 1997 Antarctic ocean avalanche released methane to mix with bromotetrachloride in the atmosphere during a solar storm, strange charged particles began the glimmering in the ozone layer. HIV-positive magazine publisher Jack Finnegan awaits the millennium in his crumbling New York mansion. Hand's bleak ecological disaster novel, which straddles sf and fantasy, belongs in most collections."
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Elizabeth Hand is the Nebula and World Fantasy Award-winning author of twelve novels and three short-story collections, including the popular novel Mortal Love. With an established fan base, Hand writes lyrically rich and always beautifully rendered prose. Hand also writes a regular review column for The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction and book reviews for The Washington Post.